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About British African

British African is privately owned and operated by a group of British and African individuals who recognise the work that needs to be done. By drawing disparate groups together, British African connects their people, objectives, achievements and potential.

In a world, where increasingly it falls to business, and, more specifically, to the people running those businesses to create effective solutions, BABA is intent on maximising the potential of the links between UK and Africa.Over the last two years BABA has put together a network that now numbers over 10,000 individual business managers through partnering with affiliate organisations and by attracting individual business managers to share their skills, knowledge and contacts.

Our initiatives all contribute to creating wealth:

  1. The BABA Business Events Calendar
    A comprehensive listing of Africa focussed business events in the UK.
  2. BABA Entrepreneurs Packs
    A growing library of proven business models that enable entrepreneurs to develop independent businesses with the support and experience of the founding business.
  3. The BABA Business Pipeline
    An international business, investment and skills matching programme for British African Members
  4. The BABA Networking Events Programme
    Events sponsored by BABA members who offer knowledge and opportunity to other African business people and provide an excellent networking opportunity
  5. BABA Business Safaris
    A new more effective style of trade mission



Commonwealth Association for Public Administration & Management

CAPAM’s mission is to promote the practical requirements of good governance, just and honest government across the Commonwealth countries and beyond. CAPAM provides a forum for the active exchange of innovations, knowledge and practice in citizen-centered service delivery, leadership development and growth, and public service management and renewal. We serve our members as a centre of excellence in good governance and endeavor to build a more responsive and dynamic public service.


As a non-profit association, CAPAM represents an international network of 1100 senior public servants, Heads of Government, leading academics and researchers located in over 50 different countries across the Commonwealth. The association is guided by international leaders that believe in the value of networking and knowledge exchange and the promotion of good governance for the betterment of citizens across the Commonwealth.



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