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invesTT is the nation’s first-line investment promotion agency aligned to the Ministry of Trade & Industry. Our mission is to grow Trinidad & Tobago’s non oil & gas sectors significantly and sustainably. We deliver customized investor solutions through our unique combination of knowledgeable sector experts, strategic alliances and extensive network of real estate and technology parks.
Our core Business Units

Investor Sourcing and Facilitation
This Unit is responsible for leading activities in targeting, attracting and securing local, regional and international direct investment to Trinidad and Tobago’s targeted growth sectors. As the agency’s first point of contact and engagement with an investor or business, the team promises to ensure the delivery of relevant, current and valuable information to the decision process, specific to their industry/sector. This includes the provision of start-up assistance and solutions for all investment inquiries and proposals for establishing or expanding a business in Trinidad and Tobago.

The range of services provided by the Investor Sourcing and Facilitation team includes:

  • Delivery of key sector information
  • Real Estate Surveys
  • Market and Investment Opportunity identification
  • Value Chain advisory
  • Site visit Facilitation
  • After care services (including issue resolution, opportunity identification and policy advocacy)
  • Quality of Life information

Development Planning and Management
This Unit supports the creation of industry and enterprise within Trinidad & Tobago’s non-oil & gas sectors. It does this through Sector Ecosystem Innovation, Business Intelligence, Asset Planning and Development and Stakeholder Management. The team will ensure optimal leveraging, resourcing and land use of available industrial parks and act as a policy advocate for the improvement of the business environment.
The range of sector growth services provided by the Development Planning and Management team includes:

  • Cluster Development
  • Business Environment Improvement
  • Investor Linkage Advisory
  • Policy Advocacy

Our Priority Sectors
1. Information Communications Technology (ICT):
Trinidad & Tobago is considered an emerging hub for ICT within Latin America and the Caribbean. Key sub-sectors include data storage management, contact centres, data centres, business process outsourcing, software/application development, and regional headquartering to access the Caribbean, Central American and Latin American markets.

2. Light Manufacturing:
The priority in light manufacturing is to encourage high growth businesses to locate in Trinidad and Tobago to produce innovative products that maximize value addition. The country’s strong background in energy provides manufacturers with an extensive range of natural resources which can be used as raw material input eg. melamine, polypropylene.

3. Clean Technology (includes renewable / alternative energy):
Trinidad and Tobago’s strong energy background serves as an advantage in supporting the development of hybrid technologies and processes that will facilitate the transition toward more totally green solutions. Clean technology industries include photovoltaic manufacturing, recycling of plastics and rubber, tidal energy, wind turbine manufacturing, green building materials, waste management, biomass/biofuels, and desalination.

4. Logistics/ Merchant Marine:
Given its position as a trans-shipment hub as well as a favourable geographic location below the hurricane belt, Trinidad & Tobago is the ideal place for the development of a viable and competitive maritime cluster. Immediate opportunities exist in the merchant marine industry in the creation of dry docking facilities in Trinidad. Other priority areas for development are shipbuilding, ship repair and transhipment.

5. Creative Industries: Trinidad and Tobago has a vibrant and artistic culture that has yielded diverse indigenous art forms and many talented people. The country has begun to leverage this unique asset to create exportable products in industries such as Fashion, Carnival Arts, Music, Steel pan Manufacturing, Art, Animation and Film.

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