University of Trinidad and Tobago

The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) is the National University with a core focus that is relevant to the evolving developmental needs for both a  local and regional environment. UTT’s mission is, “to be an entrepreneurial university, designed to discover and develop entrepreneurs, commercialize research and development, and spawn companies for wealth generation and sustainable job creation towards the equitable enhancement of the quality of life of all individuals, families and communities of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean”.

As Trinidad and Tobago celebrates 50 years of independence, UTT’s significance as  the National University, is fundamental to  propelling the nation forward and, as such, UTT’s campuses have been rebranded as Centres of Excellence in areas of Creativity, Technology, Energy, Agriculture, Maritime Studies, Performing Arts and Sport. The Energy Institute of Trinidad and Tobago (EITT), which is to be located at the Pt. Lisas Campus, is specifically designed to facilitate the needs of Trinidad and Tobago’s largely hydrocarbon-based economy. Among other things, the Institute will focus on the discovery, production, transportation, conversion, utilisation and conservation of energy. At these Centres of Excellence, students can expect to find a plethora of activities associated with their area of study, making UTT a nucleus for both intellectual and innovative progress. UTT is also currently in discussions with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education, as well as other stakeholders, to assess the feasibility of including  aviation studies as part of its programme offerings.

UTT received Institutional Accreditation from the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) in December 2010. Programme Accreditation continues to be a priority of the University, with international accreditation for specific programmes being actively sought in order to allow graduates the benefit of professional membership in international bodies.

The following UTT programmes have received Specialised Programme Accreditation:

Accredited by the Energy Institute, United Kingdom (EIUK) –

• Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering

• Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

• Master of Science in Petroleum Technology

Accredited by The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST):

• Master of Science in Operational Maritime Management

• Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science

• Diploma in Maritime Operations – Engineering Option

• Diploma in Maritime Operations – Navigation Option

UTT offers programmes in a wide range of stimulating fields such as Engineering, Sports, Health Administration and Information Technology and  this diversity is indicative of the unique needs of Trinidad and Tobago’s growing society. A mandate of the University is to create a skilled and highly effective workforce that can position itself strategically in an evolving global community. Entrepreneurship continues to remain a core aspect of UTT’s vision and mission and graduates of the University are empowered with the knowledge, creativity and innovation needed to accomplish their dreams and to attain their fullest potential.

UTT uses a seamless and integrated approach to learning where, in many cases, instruction is combined with practical industry training through the University’s Cooperative Education approach. UTT offers excellent placement opportunities as bridging points between the University and the wider industry. The use of traditional classroom practices, combined with practical experience, fully equips graduates for the reality of the work environment. Graduates are therefore exposed to a cadre of soft skills which will enable them to be industry – ready and a valuable asset to any organisation.