St. Catherine Parish Council


St. Catherine is the largest parish in Jamaica approximately twenty kilometers from the city of Kingston.

Its capital Spanish Town is a historic town centre dating back to 1655. Buildings and remnants of structures and tales of activities during that period still profoundly accentuate the Town’s landscape which situates in the centre of a vibrant parish of manufacturing and agricultural enterprises. The structures which housed the Public Offices of the Spanish and British dynasty are still home to the Municipal Council and Courts and a fitting backdrop/focal point of the Capital, Spanish Town.

St. Catherine Jamaica

In 2010 the population of St. Catherine stood at five hundred thousand nine hundred and forty two (500,942) representing eighteen point five (18.5) percent of Jamaica’s total population. The housing sector has been rapidly expanding as a result of increased accessibility to and from the Highway and the parish’s niche as a continued desired location for prominent manufacturing industries established in agro-processing, chemicals, drugs, textile, power generation, food and Beverage and plastics which supports the readily available labor force. St.Catherine is therefore positioned for further development guided by plans which include the Portmore to Clarendon Park Highway 2000 Corridor Development Plan and the Development Orders/Plans which are all in harmony with and Jamaica’s Vision 2030.

St. Catherine Jamaica

The Municipal Council of St. Catherine as Local Authority and steward of sustainable environment and community development practices continues to improve its relationship and the provision of services to the community and investors, and also provides ongoing support to the Local Government Reform Agenda encouraging innovation, improved business processes and transparency. We welcome investors as we position the parish for increased economic growth and complete procedures to designate Spanish Town as a world heritage site. Economic and physical development is encouraged with existing concessionary tax programs and a fast paced development approval process designed to guide developers from design to reality.