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St. Catherine Parish Council

Asia, Pakistan

Pakistan Board of Investment

Posted on 05 October 2012

Pakistan symbolizes “the land of pure” and has been the centre of the great Indus Valley civilization dating back at least 5,000 years. The historical excavations of historical sites at Taxila, Harappa, and Mohenjo-Daro dating back to 3,000 B.C. speak volumes about its rich cultural heritage. Pakistan is amongst the important emerging economies of the region, […] Continue Reading

Commonwealth Investment Ad


Belize Commonwealth Ad

Posted on 16 July 2012

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Granger Bay

South Africa, The Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Global Business School

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Global Business School

Posted on 10 June 2012

Global Business School At CPUT “The Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Global Business School, based in Cape Town, South Africa, is an environment where you would want to complete your internationally recognised postgraduate studies and continue your professional development, reflect on current and best practices and open your mind to a world of opportunities and possibilities,” says Prof. Mzikayisa Binza, Dean of the […] Continue Reading


Africa, Namibia


Posted on 10 June 2012

The power of knowing the enormous responsibility NamPower has in ensuring a secure, affordable and reliable supply of electricity in Namibia compels the company to remain focused on its mission “to provide for the energy needs of our customers, fulfill the aspirations of our staff and satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders.” There is a […] Continue Reading

University Of Belize


University of Belize

Posted on 27 May 2012

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H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda

Africa, Uganda

Forging Local Economic Safety Nets: Uganda’s Road From Independence

Posted on 17 May 2012

Fifty years after her independence in 1962, Uganda has braved significant governance and economic challenges making her population one of the most resilient people of our age. With a young and fragile democracy at the advent of Independence, a rudimentary economy that was heavily dependent on raw cash crop export, Uganda set out with a […] Continue Reading


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